We only work with products that we believe in and that is why we use Screen Innovations projection screens. Screen Innovations is an Austin, Texas company that serves a Global market. Since 2003 they have been consistently pushing the limits of creativity and technology to come out with the very best in projection screens.

In 2008 the Screen Innovation Black Diamond screen was the first real change in the projection screen landscape in 100 years. Black Diamond would be the first screen to offer the ability to watch a movie in a bright environment and not have your movies ruined by reflections and ambient light. From that year on they have brought us fantastic new ideas in screen projection each and every year. Anyone else is just an imitation of the innovators; why would we work with anyone else? We wouldn’t, and that is why we love to work with Screen Innovations.


Speakers - TruAudio, a Tru Innovator in Premium Architectural Speakers

TruAudio speakers are constructed with materials proven to perform. This includes the right mixture of woven carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and polypropylene. Every crossover is built to match each driver and then tested to make sure it delivers to pure perfection. For their architectural speakers, they assemble the components into a high-grade, flush-mount ABS frame that mounts into your wall or ceiling – almost disappearing. With cabinet speakers they use specially designed MDF wood wrapped in either a high-end vinyl or real wood veneer. This ensures a long-lasting, elegant look as well as guarantees precise acoustical reproduction.


Racks, Seating, & Furniture

Every Home Theater room needs comfortable seating; we can help you furnish your theater room to meet your tastes. Seating and furniture designed specifically with Home Theater equipment in mind makes the perfect complement to your new electronics.

Don’t forget racks form the primary structure of an installation, and provide the “frame” to support electronic equipment, power, cooling, and cable management allowing you to have worry-free access to your equipment.


Ceiling & Carpet

Numinus are the original creators of the twinkling LED star panel. Through years of dedication and hard work, they have come up with the best techniques, best hardware, and best StarTile on the market. You can feel at ease knowing that they take pride in their work. They are a family run business out of Vista, California, and make StarTiles right there, by hand. For something as grand as a star ceiling, you're going to want to have something that's durable, high quality, and has the best technology available. You want something that is going to last. That is why you want a Numinus star ceiling.

When you look down to see where you are going you will also want to put a little whimsy and real theater feel into your home theater with movie themed carpeting.