Nuvo whole home audio systems guarantee an unparalleled listening experience, with wired and wireless distributed audio solutions specially designed to match incredible fidelity with the latest in streaming source variety and intuitive control. Nuvo systems are the perfect fit for any home.


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      The Nuvo systems include something for everyone, including app controls, numerous internet radio connections, and network connection to your home audio files as well.

      Nuvo P100 Player

      Flexibility, meet high fidelity. Expertly engineered to deliver 40 watts of musician-grade audio, built-in listening variety and allowing for both wired and wireless setup, the P100 player is ideal for introducing music into hard-to-wire homes or easily adding zones to an existing Player Portfolio system.

      Nuvo P200 Player

      Allowing for both wired and wireless setup, the P200 player provides the ultimate installation flexibility while delivering 120 watts of musician-grade audio from a near-infinite selection of streaming music to a single zone. Ideal for reaching hard-to-wire rooms and easily expanding Player Portfolio systems, this player blends performance and flexibility like never before.

      Nuvo P300 Player Preamplifier

      Embrace more opportunities; explore more options, with the Nuvo P300 Player Preamplifier. Designed to connect with the latest A/V equipment, the P300 delivers the expansive streaming variety and stunning quality of the Player Portfolio to specialized power components. Maximizing performance, while integrating fully and easily into a Player Portfolio system, the Player Preamplifier takes Legrand’s flexibility to the next level.

      Nuvo P3100 Professional Series Player

      The Nuvo P3100 Professional Series Player expands Legrand’s Player Portfolio by delivering musician-grade audio and 40 watts of power per zone, to three separate zones simultaneously. Its versatile rack-mount design is an ideal solution for upgrading old systems, or introducing flexible, high-performing distributed audio into new homes.

      Nuvo P3500 Professional Series Player

      At a staggering 200 watts per zone, the Nuvo P3500 Professional Series Player uniquely delivers high-fidelity audio to three independent zones from a single, rack-mount unit, offering unprecedented performance and flexibility. Whether upgrading an existing system, or starting a new installation, the P3500 features built-in streaming source variety, the cleanest audio reproduction, and simple integration with third party automation solutions, all to perfectly fit into any home.

      The app-controlled Nuvo P 3500 whole-home audio system; fill your home with high fidelity music.



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